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Top 5 Worst Undertaker WrestleMania Matches
When You have 23 Wrestlemania Matches like Undertaker did,Not every match is going to be good. So today we counting down Undetaker's 5 worse WM Matches
Number 5) Undertaker Vs Sid Vicious For The WWF Title at WrestleMania 13

This was Undertaker first Title match at WM And Guess what it sucked. Well not the worse match,This match could have been better. This is one of the worse main events in WM History. It was boring as hell and just a slow match. Now I will give it this,Undertaker winning the WWF Championship was good,But it kinda wasn't worried it to watch this match.
Number 4) Undertaker vs Big Show and Albert AKA A Train at WrestleMania 19

I mention this in my Top 5 worse Big Show Matches. See Original this was going to be Nathan Jones and Undertaker vs Big Show and Albert in a tag team matches. But it was change because Nathan was crap in the ring So they change it to a handicap match
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MLP S7 Wishlist part 4
Giving some of the Mane 6 Backstories.
For this its more of We should explore more of why the mane 6 are flawed. Like gives us more of why Rainbow has immature issues and why she bold headed,Why AJ has this stubbornness and more about her family,Exploring more of Why Twilight become Anti Social or Give Rarity a reason why she become a high society pony. I want see why this character become the characters we all love and know 
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MLP S7 Wishlist part 3
MORE Starlight episode
The reason is that Starlight has become a good character,I think we need more episodes about her. Maybe we can get more into to her backstory,We can get episode were it explains why She realize on her magic to much. In fact I have episodes ideas for Starlight. Like one episode could be about how Sunbrust thinks its his fault Starlight turn evil because of him leaving her,This could make Starlight feel regretful and Tell her friends its not his fault that its her fault she turn evil. Or another episode were we get into Starlight family. maybe she has a good relationship or bad relationship with her family. If she has a bad relationship it could explain more of her turning evil. Make a comment if you like it.
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Why Do you dislike or Hate Jonathan Tzachor?
I want to ask Power Rangers fans,Why they don't like or Hate Jonathan Ztachor? If you don't know Tzachor has now been hated because of his work in Power Rangers Samurai and Megaforce. I want to know other people opinion about this guy in the comments. For me,I think Jonathan Tzachor went down hill when he made Samurai and MegaForce. 
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Top 5 best Undertaker's Best WM Matches
Undertaker has the best record in WM History,Today were going to count 5 great matches from this record.
Number 5) Undertaker Vs CM Punk at WrestleMania 29

As CM Punk last WM match he went out with a bang. 
Number 4) Undertaker vs Batista for The WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 23

This was Taker's 2nd title match,His first was Him vs Sid Vicious at WrestleMania 13. Unlike that match,This match was fun. Taker and Dave put on a great show.
Number 3) Undertaker vs Edge for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 24 

Another title match. Well it wasn't as good as there Summerslam match this was still a good match. No wonder it was the main event 
Number 2) Undertaker vs Triple H in a steel at WrestleMania 28

The last of the Taker HHH WM Match trilogy and the best. Well not the end of
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M4GM4R3 is doing request 


Request Box | Open :'v

Good News Amigos,I'm going to Otakon Vegas this weekend. Its a 3 Day Anime Con Jan 13-15. This is going to be Awesome  
Giving up or Quitting sucks,But I think We need to be positive when it comes this. I feel like when you give up it hurts you,But We can't be hurt by this. I have this fear already,I will never give up my work or dreams. If theres anybody that has this fear of Giving up or Quitting come talk to me. 
Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44

Wrestlemania 13 was just bad not the worse but it Could have been better,So Today were rebooking WM 13.

Lets Start this

Match 1) Flash Funk(AKA 2 Cold Scorpio AKA Scorpio) vs Billy Gunn. 
Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44vsImgres-2 by DraginKYle44
Run Time: 7:05

Now I know this was the F match,But it was a good F Match,So I decide to make this the opening match. Plus At Least it better then that horrible Piece of Crap Fatal 4 wayEren Yeager (Anger Alt) [V5] Eren Yeager (Anger Alt) [V5] Eren Yeager (Anger Alt) [V5] Eren Yeager (Anger Alt) [V5] :IPunchYou: :IPunchYou: 
:IPunchYou: :IPunchYou: :IPunchYou: :IPunchYou: :IPunchYou: !!! Sorry,Sorry about that

Winner: Billy Gunn

Match 2) The Godwinns (Phineas and Henry) (With Hillbilly Jim) vs Mankind AKA Mick Foley and Vader (With Paul Bearer) vs The Handbangers (Thrasher and Mosh) Vs Heavy Metal and Ambiso Negro In a Fatal 4 way Elimination Match
Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44vsImgres-2 by DraginKYle44vsImages by DraginKYle44vsImgres-2 by DraginKYle44Images by DraginKYle44
Run Time: 10:41

The original Fatal 4 way Match:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: Uwouldnt like me when Im angry Uwouldnt like me when Im angry Uwouldnt like me when Im angry Uwouldnt like me when Im angry Uwouldnt like me when Im angry Luffy Anime Emoji (Angry) [V5] Luffy Anime Emoji (Angry) [V5] Luffy Anime Emoji (Angry) [V5] Luffy Anime Emoji (Angry) [V5] Luffy Anime Emoji (Angry) [V5] ''MOVIE GOOD FOR ED.'' ''MOVIE GOOD FOR ED.'' ''MOVIE GOOD FOR ED.'' ''MOVIE GOOD FOR ED.'' ''MOVIE GOOD FOR ED.'' :shakestick: :shakestick: :shakestick: :shakestick: :shakestick: :shakestick: angrynoes angrynoes angrynoes angrynoes angrynoes angrynoes angrynoes - FIRERAGE - - FIRERAGE - - FIRERAGE - - FIRERAGE - - FIRERAGE - - FIRERAGE - SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE THIS MATCH SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To me this is the worse opening Match in WM history,Its Worse then Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan in WM 28(Oh Yeah I Went There). This match was a slow,Boring match from hell! I would Eat My right shoe then watch this match. They wasted 8 people. They Wasted Bradshaw and Barry Windham,This match also show why the New Blackjack was a bad idea for tag team. The Godwinns were wasted,They Wasted the Handbangers,But the team that was wasted the most was Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon. They Wasted an amazing,Doug and Phil won 2 NOW Awards for Match of the Year 1992 and 5 star match of 1992 with Kenta Kobashi and Tsuyoshi Kikuchi,HOW COULD YOU WAST THEM? So Yeah I'm going to Change this match a lot

The Story for this match is that The Handbangers and Goddwins have beef with each,Because of the Feud they coast Vader and Mankind the win to become the New tag team champions belts and get the belt off of Owen and Davey, Now the 2 have beef with other 2 teams. However,Vince McMahon a few months ago made a deal with triple a wrestling that they can have there wrestlers been in Raw and Shotgun Sunday,Now Vince need to pick 2 amazing luchadors to for the fatal 4 way, The two are Heavy Metal and Abmiso Nergo(Which are legends now) to be in the Match against The Godwinns,The Headbangers and Mankind and Vader. So that means there in the middle of this 3 team feud,Even thought they never had before with the 3 teams.

At the Match, All 4 teams show there best,Which was missing in the original:bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bademoticon: :bother: :bother: :bother: :bother: :bother: :bother: Angry Jensen Angry Jensen Angry Jensen Angry Jensen Angry Jensen !!!! Sorry I need to be come. The Godwinns and Mankind and Vader show there Strength,Heavy And Abmiso show there lucha skills, And The Headbangers show there Roughness. Abmiso Nergo quick pins Vader for the win,Meaning Foley and Vader are out, The Headbangers use there Stage drive on Henry Godwins,Eliminating The Godwinns. Meaning The Headbangers and Heavy Metal and Abmiso Nergo are lief. Both team are at there best,But Mosh pins Metal and The Headbangers win,However,They show there respect to Heavy Metal and Abmiso Nergo,Each of the 4 men go to a conner to have fun 

Winner: The HeadBangers 

Match 3) "WildMan" Marc Mero vs Hunter Hearst Helmsley(AKA Triple H) (With Chyna) Vs Goldust(With Marlena) 
Imgres-4 by DraginKYle44vsImgres-3 by DraginKYle44vsImgres-2 by DraginKYle44
Run Time: 8:23
Triple H vs Goldust in WM 13 was just locklaster,So here my version Hunter and Goldust are having this beef But Mero wants revenge on Hunter for bating him for the IC title. 

At the Match all 3 of these man show there best.Mero use his Badd Day,HHH use his High knew and Goldust use his Bulldog. In the End,HHH Use his pedigree on Goldust winning the match

Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley 

Match 4) Brian Pillman Vs Rocky Maivia(AKA The Rock) For the WWF IC Championship 
Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44vsImgres-2 by DraginKYle44
Run Time: 9:54
Rocky vs The Sulton Could be the worse IC title match in wrestlemania history(Well Rey Mysterio vs JBL in WM 25 could be worse), So I was thinking that maybe I should replace The Sulton with Brian Pillman, Because Pillman never had a wrestlemania match,Plus Pillman is legends. Also him and The rock having a together would have an amazing match. So the story of this feud is that on Raw march 3 1997,Brian Pillman beats the Sulton,Bob Backlund and The Iron Shiek. After destoring the 3,Pillman tells Rocky that he wants his IC title. On Raw March 10 1997, After Pillman beats Tony Ray,Pillman see's Tony Atlas on the front audience and just beats him up. Maivia shows up to the ring and just beats up Pillman,The two start brawling,Rocky then tells The WWF fans That he will face Pillman at WM 13.

At the Match,Pillman and Rocky go at it. Each one of them just use the skills on each other,Pillman use his Knife edge cutter,Well Rocky use his Samoan Drop. This just a Brawl now. Pillman then use his Hangman's neck breaker on Rocky and wins the IC Championship, Rocky Johnson( The Rock's dad) Comes to ring to beat up Pillman, Pillman just beats the crap out of Johnson.

Winner: Brian Pillman 

Match 5) Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44
Run Time: 22:05
Okay No changes to it because this match is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep The same,If you haven´t seen this match Go watch it right now!

Match 6)The Chicago Street Fight: The Nation of Donation (Faarooq,Crush and Savio Vega) (With D Lo Brown,Wolfie D,JC Ice and Clarence Mason) vs Ahmed Johnson and LOD(Animal and Hawk)
Url by DraginKYle44
Run Time:10:45

Again you have to see this match,Its a great match

Match 7) Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon vs Owen Hart and The British Bulldog AKA Davey Boy Smith for the WWF World Tag Team Championship
Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44vsImgres-4 by DraginKYle44
Run Time: 14:33
Mankind and Vader vs Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith suck,It was so disappointing. I mine you get 4 legends in tag team match and it was bad. So I replace Vader and Mankind with team that deserve this type of match,Thats Doug Furnas and LaFon. So the story is that Owen and bulldog Want revenge on Doug and Phil for beating them on Survivor Series 1996(Which was Doug and Phil debut),Doug and Phil want to beat the 2 in the grand stage of them all,Wrestlemania. However,Owen and Davey are not getting along and having issues

At The Match,Phil and Davey Start, Phil use his trhust kicks,While Bulldog use his headbutts. Both man are showing a lot moves But Davey Just tires doug out,Owen Being Impatience tags Bulldog in the Back But Bulldog refuse to go to the conner and the 2 start yelling at each other,Phil Then just runs and tags in Doug. Doug Pushes Both of them off the ring,Owen Anger comes back to the ring and He and Doug go at it. Both Owen and Doug have a German Suplex pin contest,Then Doug Tags Phil and Phil use his Frankenstein on Owen,but Owen fights back with his dropkicks. Owen is about to pin Phil for the Win But Bulldog tags Owen in back to pin LaFon,But the 2 start yelling again.Phil just hits Owen in the nuts and Suplex Bulldog for the Pin,Doug and and Phil are you new World Tag Team championship. Owen and Davey start Fighting each and blaming each other

Winner: Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon

Match 8) The Undertaker vs Sid Vicious in a casket match for the WWF Championship
Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44vsImgres-2 by DraginKYle44Imgres-2 by DraginKYle44

Run Time: 21:04

This Main event was boring,Like The Tag team championship match,It was also disappointing. I mean sure Undertaker winning the WWF Was awesome,But sitting 21 mins of boredom is not worth it! So to make so this match I want to see Taker and Sid at there best,Also its a casket match so this is taker field.

Winner: Undertaker

Good news. Even thought today is WM 32,I'm still going to continued of The C/R WM Series after WM 32 is over because I love doing this series.

 Again sorry for the Grammar 
We all Have bad experience in life and it sucks. However, I think We shouldn't let are bad experiences afact are judgement. We shouldn't Judge people,Put them in Band wagons,Label them or Call them mean things because something bad happen to you. Your also not being a good person at all for doing this. I what to ask you guys something? Who the meaner person? The people that gave you the bad experience or You for Judging and calling them harsh things because your letting the bad experience afact you?

Thats what we all need to learn.
This is just my thoughts on 


Kyle Krueger
United States


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